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PrixMax Coolant

Cooling systems in engines suffer from corrosion because of heat and natural chemical reaction with water, the coolant. Most radiator additives are depleted quickly necessitating frequent change over, and requiring regular addition to maintain its effectiveness.

Corrosion caused parts to fail prematurely and can be costly when down time and workmanship are considered. Need for constant attention to maintain the system in good working order is also costly.
Conventional coolants are generally a hazard to the environment.

Prixmax is a range of engine coolants designed with solving these problems in mind.

RCP (Radiator coolant Protector) is an organic acid based corrosion inhibitor. Owing to its excellent wetting properties, it provides superior protection against corrosion, especially against pitting. As corrosion is inhibited, engine parts enjoy a much longer useful life. It is also effective at very low concentrations ( 7.5% ) and depletes very slowly, requiring a change after 150,000 Km or 3 years. It is low in toxicity and environmentally friendly. Longer change over and longer engine life means cost savings.

When it comes to engines operating in subzero conditions, such as ships, workboats and other heavy machinery, RCP comes with Anti-freeze additives. These aditives will allow these engines to operate at up to
–37oC without the radiator water freezing up. Meanwhile the cooling system is protected from corrosion.

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Corroded Engine Parts

Below are some pictures of engine parts that suffered severe corrosion rendering them inefficient and requiring immediate replacement. Spare parts together with workmanship and machine downtime can become very costly.

corroded radiator corroded water pump blades
This radiator has been using coolants that did not provide good anti corrosive protection. The metal surfaces are heavily corroded preventing good heat transfer. Water pump blades heavily pitted from corrosion. The pump needs to be changed.
Corroded Cylinder Liner corroded radiator inlet
Cylinder Liner showing pitting cause by inadequate corrosion protection in the cooling system. Radiator inlet showing corroded condition.

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Machinery that uses RCP or MEG95.

Heavy Construction Machinery Heavy Mining Equipment
RCP for heavy construction machinery. For heavy mining equipment.
Ships and workboats Electricity Generation Sets
And for ships and workboats that can be called upon to be in Arctic conditions, there is MEG95. MEG95 contains antifreeze which protects the cooling system in sub zero conditions. MEG 95 can also be used in electricity generation sets

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